Is God as akin to Santa?

8 Nov

The Dominicana Blog wrote an article called Transitional Atheism that I recommend reflecting on.

For the sake of argument, let’s admit that what the atheists say is true, that belief in God is simply infantile, and that, therefore, adults should reject it. That is one possibility. But, as Herbert McCabe observes, there is another possibility: in the process of growing up “we may find, as Job did, that it was our own view of God that was infantile”; “we may in fact come to a deeper understanding of the mystery of God.” The Second Vatican Council speaks of this when it says that some atheists “form for themselves such a fallacious idea of God that when they repudiate this figment they are by no means rejecting the God of the Gospel” (GS §19). The more we grow in faith, the more we realize how inadequate our conceptions of God really are.

How do you see God? Has your understanding of Him to matured? In what ways are your ideas of God inadequate? Is the rejection of God the same as rejecting childish beliefs (like Santa)? Do you allow  faith in God and reason to coexist?


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