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Joyeux Noël

25 Dec

Reasons why Joyeux Noël is one of the best Christmas movies:

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Nuff said.


I like adoption

20 Dec


A Change of Heart

11 Dec

See how FOCUS changed Tori’s life

Even though I knew my heart yearned to be around people of virtue and experience more of Christ’s love, fear soon came over me and I struggled to dive fully into making my faith my own. That summer, I found it extremely difficult to keep Christ at the center of my life and fell back into my “comfortable” life of sin.

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Virtue is not…

9 Dec

Virtue is not the absence of vices or the avoidance of moral dangers; virtue is a vivid and separate thing, like pain or a particular smell. Mercy does not mean not being cruel or sparing people revenge or punishment; it means a plain and positive thing like the sun, which one has either seen or not seen. Chastity does not mean abstention from sexual wrong; it means something flaming, like Joan of Arc.

Chesterton on chastity via Steve Gershom


FOCUS Missions

7 Dec

Consider signing up for this summer’s mission trip!


Hungry Hungry Huskers

4 Dec

Hungry Hungry Huskers

My duplex neighbor started this global project called “Huskers Against Hunger”! Follow the link to read more.

Follow this link to go to their site.