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Come Holy Spirit

2 Feb

I was just sitting in the corner of a comfy room in the student center reading one of Mother Theresa’s books. Between the words on the page I would slip in and out of prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to provide an opportunity to share God’s love. Next to me sat a group of men and women. “Discipleship,” I heard one of the students say. It’s one of those words that make a missionary’s ears perk up.  I said a prayer for her, but not wanting to impose I went back to my book.

A little while later, my ears perked up again. This time it was in response to the leader’s question, “How has God been working in your life the past six weeks?” Her answer, “I started reading this book called Made for More.” The book, written by Curtis Martin (our founder and president), is one every FOCUS missionary knows well. Personally, Made for More tag teamed with Rediscovering Catholicism to help spur me back into the Faith and steered me clear of being a nominal Catholic. My eyes lit up and I’m sure my jaw dropped too, which gave cause for the leader to notice me. He asked me if I knew the book and wanted to join the discussion, which I gratefully accepted.

The young woman continued to explain how a friend gave her the book, but she set it aside with no real intention of reading it. Over winter break, however, she wanted a quick read and pick it up. “Never have I understood Catholic doctrine so well! I’m not Catholic and I didn’t grow up Catholic so a lot of this was new for me.” She proceeded to give historical and scriptural accounts for our respect for the Virgin Mary and the Pope to the entire group, never breaking her smile.

The Bible study went on: each sharing how God was working in our life—our joys and sorrows, praying together, and sharing advice from our experiences. Time flew by and before I knew it the study was over. I had connected with two of the women and exchanged numbers. The following day I invited them to a bon fire, to my delight they came and enjoyed themselves.