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11 Questions Every Twentysomething Should Ask

15 Aug

11 Questions Every Twentysomething Should Ask

“Our twenties can feel like being smothered in questions, but if we don’t ask the right questions, we will forever remain stuck.” So check ’em out and ask away!


Disciples pray …

5 Aug

Disciples pray with passion. Disciples worship. Disciples love the Church and serve her with energy and joy. Disciples give lavishly. Disciples hunger to learn more about their faith. Disciples fill every formation class in a parish or diocese. Disciples manifest charisms and discern vocations. They clamor to discern God’s call because they long to live it. Disciples evangelize because they have really good news to share. Disciples share their faith with their children. Disciples care about the poor and about issues of justice. Disciples take risks for the Kingdom of God.

Sherry Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples


“God created us…

4 Aug

“God created us without us; but he did not will to save us without us.”

St. Augustine